Causes And Remedies For Skin Aging

Aging is an inescapable part of life but premature skin aging is a common problem for men and women all-around the globe. Although many skin damages can be repaired but there are few which cannot be. There are some genetic factors which are beyond our control. We think that a topical treatment is all we need. It’s not enough. We need our skin to glow from within. So what are the measures we need to take to be able to slow down skin aging?

First, let’s find out what are the causes of skin aging.

What Are The Causes Of Skin Aging?

As we start aging what we tend to experience a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin to the skin. Existing elastin and collagen present in the skin gets destroyed due to the extrinsic factors which we will discuss soon. But at the same time, we should not ignore the genetic factor affecting the quality of the skin. While our skin starts aging or grows older we lose the fat layer between the two layer of the skin which is responsible for supporting the outer layer of the skin. This is one reason our skin looks saggy as we grow older. When there is a rapid loss of weight our skin starts looking saggy.

Remedies You Need To Make


Exercise is beneficial for the overall health of our body. Exercise increases blood flow. Blood carries oxygen and other essential nutrients to our skin cells. Increased blood flow will also help flush out toxins and free radicals responsible for premature skin aging. Exercise also helps us destress. Make sure your workout doesn’t expose your skin to sunlight. This may cause sun damage to your skin. Exercise helps tone your muscles further enhancing your physique.

Drink Lots Of Water:

Water forms 50-60% of our body. Make sure you maintain that level. A hydrated body has a hydrated skin. Water helps flush out the toxins. If your body is not hydrated enough it can lead to

dull, dry patchy skin which in turn results in fine lines and wrinkles.


Usage of appropriate skin care for skin issues is very important. There are various anti-aging products which contain collagen molecules. These are unhealthy for the skin as they are quite large for the skin pores to absorb. They just remain on the skin layer, clogging the skin pores. This leads to pimples and acne break out.

Say No To Abrasive Treatments

When skin is treated with artificial treatments like chemical peels. They seem a quick and safe alternative to anti-aging products like Satin Youth. But they are not and can have irreversible side effects on the skin. For many years plastic surgeries have been conducted to get rid of the saggy skin and dermal fillers have been injected into the skin to fill in the gaps created by fine lines and wrinkles. But how much safe are they?

There are laser resurfacing technologies which vaporize the skin tissue on the top layer of the skin. This treat causes loss of pigment, the formation of crust, swelling, and redness of the skin. Other side effects involve infection, scarring, redness and irritation.

Is There An Alternative For Abrasive Treatments?

Yes. There is always a healthy alternative to artificial treatments. Skincare products like Satin Youth which contains essential ingredients to enhance the production of necessary enzymes in the skin. These ingredients have been tried and tested on various skin types and the results have shown no side effects.

In today’s day and age of online shopping, you can buy skincare products as well. With nominal payment for shipping and handling of the product, you can get it delivered within 4-5 business days.

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